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About us

Semisoft Zambia Limited is a company registered in Zambia to help Zambian businesses exist on the Internet,the new frontier in Global business. Our products and services empower people to explore the world trends in Computers, the Internet and Websites. We offer user-friendly,easy to update modulation system for websites – it basically is a do-it yourself online package for website designing.

Semisoft Zambia registers domain names for clients and hosts websites. Our Internet café offers services at reasonable fees,an opportunity for those who cannot afford the Hardware and Software at a particular time.

Semisoft also offers short Computer courses that are hands-on and will enable you use your Computers effectively and efficiently.

Semisoft will become a household name in Zambia in Website designing and Internet services. We aspire to be Internet gurus.

Our goal is to establish a world-class company in a Third World Nation.



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