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Business Telecentre

1. Internet Cafe

Our Co-operate and state of the art business telecentre is located in the Central District of Downtown Lusaka offering a cosy atmosphere to Internet enthusiasts, Researchers and those who want to keep in touch with friends and relatives using a faster medium of letter writing emailing! Our Internet Cafe offers high speed Internet Services, 24 hours Satellite connetivity and People are always there to help which makes us different from others.

Our Cafe is close to Kulima Tower bus stop making it the best as you can browse till late and catch the bus next door to your final destination.

2. Community Phones

We offer execellent service in community phones in both Adondo and Celtel GSM community phones. Our rates are second to none with smiling phone attendants.

3. Business Centre

We offer the following secretarial services:

  • Letters (formal and informal)
  • Annual Reports
  • Minutes
  • Curriculum Vitaes
  • Invoice/Quotations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Letter Heads
  • Posters for (Adverts, cash and many more)
  • Business Cards, wedding cards, ID cards
  • Flyers, Certificates, Calendars, Menus and
    many more
    Fax services

    Printing Services

  • From Diskettes
  • Flash Disks
  • Laptops


    We do laminate any type of documents, licences, white books and registration cards e.t.c


  • Annual reports
  • Booklets
  • Activity reports e.t.c


    Clean and clear copies, just for you!




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